History of Amalgamation in the Cowichan Valley

Did you know that Duncan and North Cowichan were once a single municipality?

In 1912, the City of Duncan separated from North Cowichan. Since that point, there has been a recurring discussion about whether the two municipalities should consider reunification. In the 1970s the two municipalities held a referendum on amalgamation, and the result of that vote at that time was to remain separate.

Where are we now?

During the municipal elections in 2014, the majority of residents in Duncan and North Cowichan agreed to pursue an amalgamation study.

As a result, the Citizens’ Assembly on Municipal Amalgamation was formed in 2017 to consider the financial and technical impacts of amalgamation. The final recommendation of the Citizens’ Assembly was for the two municipalities to endorse amalgamation and that they proceed with a referendum.

The two municipalities neither endorsed nor opposed amalgamation and responded to the Citizens’ Assembly recommendation by sending a letter to the Province requesting that a referendum on amalgamation be held in 2018. The request was granted and the vote date set for June 23, 2018.