How would amalgamation affect residential taxes?

If residents vote in favour of amalgamation, the tax rates for the new municipality will be determined by the new council, however the Technical Report provides an analysis of the potential residential property tax changes if amalgamation proceeds. The Technical Report has projected that if residents choose amalgamation, the automatic impacts to residential property taxation would be negligible: the elimination of the police bridging levy (currently, only paid Duncan residents) by amalgamating the two municipalities is likely to result in slightly lower taxes for Duncan residents and slightly higher taxes for North Cowichan residents. For comparative purposes, the Technical Report values have been adjusted to show impact per $100,000 assessed value in the table below: For more detailed information on residential property taxes, as well as details on industrial and business property taxes, we encourage you review pages 81 - 92 of the Technical Report.

Added May 25, 2018

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