How are police services currently being administered?

Currently, as an under 5,000 population municipality, the provincial government is responsible for policing the City of Duncan. Direct services are provided by the Duncan Provincial Unit, of the RCMP BC Provincial Police Service. These services are paid for by the Province, with a portion of the costs related to General Duty/General Investigative Services being recouped from City taxpayers via the Police Tax. As an over 5,000 population municipality, North Cowichan is responsible for policing within its municipal boundaries and maintains an Agreement with the provincial government to have the RCMP provide its municipal police services, through the North Cowichan Municipal Police Unit. The Duncan Provincial Unit and the North Cowichan Municipal Unit are co-located in the same RCMP Detachment building and operate in an integrated manner as a single police force providing service to the combined area.

Updated May 16, 2018

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